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The Twist by Sticky Brick Labs is a versatile thermal extractor that can be butane torch-powered or used with a heated injector to pair with your favorite water piece.

The Twist is a combination of our Flip Brick and Injector Chamber all-in-one. A Stir Tool hole passes through the top allowing it to be used in either configuration.

The magnets joining the top and bottom are stepped making alignment simple and fast. The top can twist to the side to stir/load or taken off to use with an injector.

Screen cleaning is as easy as it gets with this device. Simply take out the Glass Stem and replace or clean the screen.

The Twist comes standard with a 14.4mm Glass Stem (An 18.8mm Stem can be substituted if desired, or purchased separately) The accessory pack includes a torch, stir tool, extra restrictor disc, extra screens, and Sticky Pad. (You will need to purchase Butane fuel separately for the empty torch included)

The Twist is proudly Hand Made in the USA here in North Carolina. Our lumber is sourced locally from vendors that prioritize sustainability and top quality. Our glass parts are made in-house using the highest quality scientific German glass.

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