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Old Head Spoon

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Sometimes we overlook the small things. Old Head Trading Company however, doesn’t overlook anything and the Old Head Measuring Spoon is proof of that, it's the perfect way to scoop and tamp.This hefty loading tool is machined from pure stainless steel, which is ideal as it’s medical grade and provides a pristine surface that’s easy to clean. The scoop itself is perfectly designed, it has an ample loading area that can be used for multiple sizes of loads, from big to small. The nicely angled edges of the scoop funnel directly into your device rather than allowing it to just tumble out. The Measuring Spoon will work exceptionally well with a variety of devices, like the Hot Rod or Sticky Bricks, amongst others.The Spoon measures 2.75” tall, weighs 37g and has a .5” diameter tamping end that can be used on any device with a bowl wider than that. The weight of the spoon is not accidental; it's purposefully designed so you can drop the Spoon from above the bowl and it will create a perfect tamp. No more fishing for the appropriate weighted press to achieve ideal airflow, the Measuring Spoon will get the ideal compression every time.

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