Maxx Padauk


Maxx Padauk MA2400PD

HydroBrick Maxx is now available in Padauk, the most brightly-colored wood we offer. Padauk is known for its brilliant reds and oranges, accented with dark brown grain. Ships with the standard Maxx accessory kit including six-pack of screens, stainless stir stick, two wood stir sticks, extra jar cork, two carb corks, one empty torch, dry mouthpiece, two angled whip connectors, and medical grade whip hose. Ships with two Restrictor Discs.

$219.95 In stock
Whip Connector 18.8mm Male (0) 18.8mm Female (0) 14.4mm Male (0) 14.4mm Female (0)
Maxx Padauk Maxx Padauk