Maxx Canary

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With it's brilliant yellow and pink tones and dramatic grain patterns, Canary wood is absolutely one of our favorites. And there's nowhere it shines more than in the broad, flat sides of the Maxx. Like its counterparts, this Maxx device comes equipped with everything you need in a truly portable desktop unit. Built-in storage and hideaway cap help conceal everything nicely inside the Maxx. We ship the Maxx with a dry 18mm mouthpiece, built in 18mm male connector for water use, storage jar and cork for material, built in stir stick compartment.

All Maxx devices also include a medical-grade silicone whip with three whip connectors: 18mm Male, 18mm Female, and 14mm Male. They also come with a deluxe accessory pack, which contains a torch, five screens, two corks for the carb, LED lighted tweezers, Restrictor Discs, two wooden stir sticks and a stainless stir tool. Now ships with one Sticky Pad.

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